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The Beach House

Imagine a place where you wake up and don't even need to get out of bed to feel surrounded by pure nature.

A place where, when you lift your head from the pillow, you see dolphins in the water. The quiet putt-putt of a fishing boat goes past, and then another, and you know that by the time you are ready to make your dinner those fishing boats will be coming back with the freshest crabs, mussels and fish you can buy directly.


You now realize that you are actually awake- it is just so good that you felt you were dreaming. You realize you have had a great night’s sleep and are ready for the day, so how it is not even late? This is because you just had the best night sleep ever! So you feel well rested and ready to enjoy LIFE.


A walk on the beach, kayaking, trekking, or cooking are only some of the activities you can do. On Chiloe you can actually do nothing and it feels good. Just relax, look out over the water, or quietly read.


There is something that we particularly encourage you to do, and that is to take the amazing opportunity to rest, take time to enjoy the peace and quiet of our surroundings.

You can also  join us for yoga, or have a private yoga class in the tranquil shala on the beach next door, yo can literally almost roll out of bed onto the mat.


Our beach house accommodates up to six people, and it has everything you need for long or short stays.

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