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Kayaking and paddle boarding

You don't need to be an "experienced kayaker" or a "super duper paddle boarder" to give it a go, after all it is to have fun, something you need to try and  you will begin to feel confortable.

Our bay is the most beautiful, calm and safe, we encourage you to give it a go, play, keep along the coast line if you haven't done it before, we will advice you when is best  times as we know how weather conditions behave. 

The most important is to try, have fun  and enjoy the beauty or the surroundings where we are, the ocean is beautiful and there is much wildlife  you will encounter,  as well as some fishermen who are friendly if you approach them and shy if you don't 

For those with experience, you will have fun crossing the bay and give in it a good full beautiful day. 

We offer you all the equipment you need (life jackets, skirts, etc. and of course Kayaks /paddle boards and paddles!. 

Kayaks for groups up to 6 people (singles and doubles) 

Paddle boards up to 2 people

1/2 day  $30 per person 

full day $45 per person 

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