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Fresh produce,  excursion and Cooking Class

Cooking classes are available at any time during your stay, and they are full days of culinary fun!

We will go to meet the purveyors and providers of our fresh ingredients, buy the produce we need, prepare and cook slowly - everything from scratch!  Food tastes better when it is made with love and care. And you will LOVE your day of cooking - it will make you more excited about food in general, and you will learn a lot about Chiloe!


We will decide on five things to make based on seasonal ingredients, including a beverage and a dessert. We will also prepare and bake fresh bread. It works better to plan a meal for dinner, as things do take time and we do not want to rush. Learning to cook is a meditative art!


Please let us know in advance if you would like to schedule a cooking class.


Minimum two people


US $ 105 per person for half a day, excursion, class plus dinner


At the end of the class we will eat a freshly made meal together.

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