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This is a special place ...  it was built little by little

as we evolved and became more and more part of this part of the world

It has a history and a journey that go hand by hand with our/my history and journey.

As it is now, it  accommodates 15 mats comfortably. If you are an instructor it is prefect for your groups,  if you are an individual and want to come and stay here to practice it is perfect for that too. It is a place for practices of the heart that will nurture your spirit . 

It has amazing big  windows and being so close to the ocean you feel you are part of the wildlife you will be surrounded by. See dolphins jumping out of the water, sunrises and sunsets.

When the storms hit Chiloe, the Shala is the place to be to feel the power of nature nestled in a cozy and warm place.

It is hard to put in words an experience that has to be lived, 

Why don't you come and feel it yourself !!

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