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A place like no other; tranquil, clean, private and much loved. 

A beautiful paradise where all you will hear are the sounds of nature .

We share with you a place to rest, re-connect with nature, with yourself, with silence and tranquility.

A place where you can explore from. 

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity in confort,

the not-busy even when the world is busy, the raw nature and the unknown roads,

the quiet and fresh. 

 For us that is what Chiloe is about.



A lifetime ago we chose this land, or maybe it chose us. 

When we arrived 25 years ago it was abandoned from its glorys days of being a little school in 1950.  Nothing was left of it, only a few skinny trees and a lot of prickly gorse. We saw potential and beauty.
Our  twins girls were on their way and our hearts were full of love and the hope to offer them a life in nature.  So we started  cleaning, planting, reforesting and building a home between the ocean and the forest.

Our third girl joined us six year later and that makes us a family of five who have created a sustainable life in this special part of the world.  Years of sleepovers, full moons, fruit and flower picking, sand castles getting erased by high tides, outdoor fires, endless cakes, muffins and cookies created their own happy heartbeat of life.  Yet now our girls have grown and need to find a balance favoring their education. They are eager to learn and have  curiosities to fulfill and a world to discover. We all need a change for a while and that has rekindled the desire to travel. 

We offering our beautiful home to others who may want to enjoy it and experience Chiloé from a very special place nurtured with love and life. Sharing our big house and three other beautiful private units built on our property with those travelers looking for a unique experience; tranquil nature and comfort.

This is a place for Nature lovers & explorers who are interested in experiencing the real jewels of Chiloé, in an immersion in its raw freshness and outstanding beauty.

Thank you for having chosen to come to Chil-hué.

Britt, Sandra, Tamia, Miska & Melí


We have four types of accommodation on our property for individuals to families. They are all imbued with the nearby ocean and forest and their locations are spread out on the 18 acres (8 hectares).

Each  unit is self-contained , private,  comfortable and  surrounded by silence. 

Click on the name of the units below to get more details, photographs and see availability. 

For a large family
or a group of friends

THE MAIN HOUSE the best for you. It can host up to twelve guests in four spacious bedrooms & three bathrooms plus three other sleeping areas, spacious well equipped kitchen and comfortable social spaces and living areas.

For a smaller family
or a group of friends
Casita de playa interior.jpg

THE BEACH HOUSE the best for you.

It can host up to five guests in a large main bedroom and a atic. 

It has a well equiped kitchen and spaciuous rooms and three other sleeping areas, spacious kitchen, dining room and living area.

Romantic Couple or 
a couple with one child
Torre de arriba-15.jpg

THE TOWER DUPLEX is a beautiful romantic tree house alike duplex. It has a comfortable futon and it can host up to three guests. It has a bathroom and  a well equipped kitchen, a living room and dining area. 

For a couple or a family with a young child
 Torre de abajo-9.jpg

THE TOWER STUDIO is the best place for a small family with one young child or a couple.  It can host three guests It has a beautiful room looking into the forest a bathroom  a well equipped kitchen, a living room and dining area.

We encourage our guests to stay for a min. of two nights, however if you can only stay for a night there will be an additional change of 25 US $


What else we offer  you


We offer lovely breakfasts that are  self-service to be enjoyed when you are ready in your unit, The best coffee, fresh breads, fruit, yogurts, eggs and more.

Consult prices.

Forest Walks

We are fortunate to have a beautiful forest surrounding our home. You are welcome to take a walk in side, we have made paths were you can walk and feel lost in the sounds of birds and pure quietness.  


We  would like you to enjoy your time here.

 Daily cleaning and rubbish collection can be provided for your comfort! 

Please ask us. 

Natural Pool

free of nasty chemicals 

We have the most beautiful  unique in Chiloe natural pool, warmer than the sea, fresh sweet water, secluded and private, surround yourself with nature, enjoy the birds singing and or a little fire by the pool in the evening. 


Some times of the year we prepare dinners upon request.

They are special occasions for us to indulge you with the freshness and the purest flavors of Chiloe. 

Min. 2 people



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Almost luxurious in a rustic way. Sandra lives on the property and is a great host. The cabin itself is set for maximum privacy. It’s only a shame we didn’t take a couple of days to stay to enjoy the setting more. An added bonus is that she has an exceptional vegetarian cafe in town!

 Stephen  Dec. 2018

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